Ned Nobel NPC Ned Nobel
Locatie: Travels around between cities.
Beroep: Gift Giver
Notities: This NPC appeared on the Tibia 10th Anniversary in Edron, but he apparently left the continent when the party ended. Now he sells some Fireworks to celebrate the new year 2008. His location varied a bit during the new year's season, first he was a few days in Ab'dendriel above the entrance. Then he was in Carlin south of depot. Then he was in Kazordoon South of castle. Then he was in Liberty Bay, west of depot. Then he was in Edron, South of entrance, then Thais east of boat.

He gives you free Fireworks Rockets, Party Hats, Party Trumpets and other Party Items. He would only give you a limited number of items. So far 22 has been confirmed. To get an item, you needed to greet him and say "Item". Remember that every time you have got an item, Ned will end the conversation, so you needed to greet him again, and again, and again...

He claims to be the son of Alfred Nobel.
Items die hij/zij ruilt: Koopt:

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