Soort: Demons»The Ruthless Seven Minions

Dit monster behoort ook tot de Archdemons
Aanvallen: Melee (0-2000), Energy Wave, Energy Ball, Groundshaker, Death Beam (0-600)
Geschatte maximale schade: 2700+
Gedrag: ?
Strategie: Just shoot him. Run.
Locatie: Through the teleport in the Soul Wells in the Inquisition quest. He is the sixth boss.
Opmerkingen: Belonging to an unknown and possibly otherwise extinct breed of demons, Annihilon is pure power. It is said that Annihilon was responsible for the destruction of his own race. He is the last survivor of countless battles that mirrored the demonic version of the 'survival of the fittest' phrase. His massive, heavy body is just one huge mass of moving muscles. There is no place for finesse in his body full of sheer strength. What he lacks in skill, he easily makes up with raw power. This aeon-old creature has served many masters in his wretched life. It is assumed that he was already a follower of one of the Ruthless Seven when they started to form their cabal. He stayed stoical at their side during their rise to power. He was present at many of the greatest triumphs of his cruel masters. The Ruthless Seven often employed the rather simple-minded Annihilon for banal tasks as there is no known demon at their disposal that matches him in strength. As long as there is something to kill, Annihilon is absolutely loyal to his masters. This loyalty and his lack of ambition, apart from slaughter and killing, makes him to one of the preferred servants of the Ruthless Seven. He is the perfect tool to keep lesser demons in line and does not mind to use his strength to fulfil some smaller tasks that might be at hand. This ancient creature is often accompanied by parasites that feed on his dripping spicy sweat. Detecting some of these small but extremely nasty parasites is a helpful sign to know about Annihilon's presence in advance.
Creature Illusion is niet mogelijk.
Loot: 0-159? gp, 0-20? Small Amethysts Silver Amulet, Stealth Ring, Ring of Healing, Fire Axe, Blue Gem, Demon Shield, Onyx Flail (very rare?)
Immuun voor
Sterk tegen
[[Death Damage]]
[[Ice Damage (+ 20%)]]
Zwak tegen
[[Fire Damage]]

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